The Leaf (poem)

*Guest Author Dawn Reif is back sharing a poem, stay blessed my friends 🙂


By: Dawn Reif

A lone dried up leaf sitting upon a branch in a huge tree.

I stood there in awe just wondering how it could still have the strength to hold on.

The wind sent a cool chill all over my body.

I saw the leaf wiggle free

I held out my hand before it flew all around

to join all of the others on the ground.

For I did not want this one to be stomped upon.

So lucky I was to capture the last leaf of the season

I did not know why but for me to catch it, there must have been a reason.

I had to protect it to keep it

for I know this leaf could just crumble at any time.

If I walked with it loosely in my hand, I would lose this precious leaf

I took my other hand to make a protective cup

wishing I could go somewhere to renew this little leaf into its original state,

for that, I realized it was just too late.

I had to enjoy my little leaf just as it was.

Each moment of time a treasured memory for my mind.

Some people may think me crazy

holding onto something so week and fragile

but for me, it was a symbol of a different kind.

Just one wrong move and it could just turn into dust

for me, that seemed unjust.

The big mighty tree still standing before me

Tons and tons of leaves on the ground all in one big heap

a new season

This one I wanted to keep

The mighty tree with empty branches seemed to be sagging in the darkening horizon

ready to weep

for each new season a new set of leaves he would reap

but now this tree was aged all the way to its peak

had already started to dry

and himself appeared to be weak

it could be the last harvest he could reap

I am holding the very last leaf

small fragile it did not look as if it were full grown

never able to reap its own harvest

its fate is only to turn to dust

maybe it is wrong to want to keep something

so week and fragile for so long

but I just feel someone must

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