Sometimes Sorry Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

From the Recovery Unsensored archives here is a good one many have not seen yet. Stay blessed my friends :)!

Recovery Unsensored

 BY: Marc McMahon

Hey there, how are you doing today? Glad you had a minute to chat with me. Most people who tell me to give them a ring if I ever need any help with my recovery. Are saying it more out of formality than a true desire to want to hear about my problems and then offer advice as to what they think the best way to handle them may be. Or at least, that’s how it seems to me anyways. I am glad you are one of the people who meant it because I need to talk, or maybe vent, or even rant may be the proper adjective to describe it.

As you may recall from some of our previous conversations I have been at this recovery thing a long, long, time, almost 22 years now. In that time frame, I have only been able to string together…

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Sorry Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

  1. Yeah my “sorry” attempts these days mean nothing to the ones I love as they have heard it all before. I don’t think I’ll ever have full forgiveness which for me, perpetuates my addiction. The guilt I feel on a regular basis should be a good reason to stop what I’m doing while in fact it just keeps me on my DOC. How do you move past that? Or do you just accept your apologies won’t be accepted?

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    • I hear ya and it takes time. I just wrote you a very long reply and erased the damn thing unfortunately on accident lol damn but in a nutshell. The guilt almost killed me more than once but you sound stronger on this I can tell than I was I think so what happens for me is when I use I do and did things people may never forgive me for and that sucks but, knowing that I cant change it and can only live this new life good than that will have to be enough. Its like chaining the demon of our past down to a steel table and letting him lye there and die slowly while we get clean and thrive. As we change peoples hearts start to as well and you may find forgiveness come from some surprising places but were talking years it takes time they want to see its for real. But all we gotta satisfy is ourself once we chain down the demon of the past. if we can begin to smile again so will those around us. hope that helped a little my friend.

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