Addictions Lost Boy

New content coming soon, until then enjoy this one, you can tell I wrote it when I was still really new here I never new then how to implement pics into posts or featured image had no idea so I would just put it all in the body of the story as this. How far I have come lol long wayyyyyssss to go love you.

Recovery Unsensored

By: Marc McMahon

I’m not sure I even want to go there is thought surrounding maybe spending the afternoon scuba diving. To take today and push the envelope on how far down I can go and still have enough energy to make it back to the surface. So I can spend the evening watching a good movie and eating dinner. So I can get back to where I am at the top of the food chain, not in darkness with the sharks that dwell in this deep!

To dive deep within my soul to try and locate the unknown location of a memory repressed that just last night surfaced with a 10-second trailer. A memory I had forgotten I ever had, conveniently padlocked away in an undisclosed location deep within my spirit. The content deemed too traumatic to allow a 12-year-old little boy to deal with on the daily. So…

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