Here’s a blast from the past, sending much love my friends.’

Recovery Unsensored

BY: Marc McMahon

I grew up abused. It started at age two at the hands of my Father and ended at age seventeen at the hands of an abusive Step-father. Abuse between by a verbally abusive mother and a drunken uncle. And some still wonder what it was that caused me to start using drugs to cope at such a young age like I did. Well, I think that is about enough to drive any kid to the bottle first then the pipe. The problem was I never stopped and the abuse sort of continued as I mistreated myself living the life of a homeless dope fiend for 22 years. PTSD maybe?

Do you know how loud the voices of my mom and aunty are in my head screaming “Stop it your hurting me” ring if I think about them? Extremely loud! I listened to those words screamed at least…

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