Love In Recovery

A blast from the past on a topic we still don’t seem to talk enough about, love you all.

Recovery Unsensored

This article was written about three weeks before my last episode. It shows what I was going through in my mind and shows that although I was aware of the dangers of pursuing a relationship in early recovery, that my hearts desire to love and be loved by another was stronger than any warning I could have received. This will be a good introduction to my first article coming in the next 2 weeks that tells in detail what exactly caused all of this to happen. Be blessed my friends.

Why is that of the three long term relationships I have been in all three have ended in a severe amount of heartbreak? The first was the divorce of me and my high-school sweetheart. I loved her from the ages of 15-30, but we are now divorced due to me loving the effects of drugs and alcohol on my body, more than her love!

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