*Guest Author Dawn Reif with some poetic justice, love you all.

By: Dawn Reif

It is so very hard for me to muster up energy these days.. I feel as if I can learn so much from all of you as well...

Anywho I was thinking poetically

Imagine if we let go of each insecurity
Have we held on to them because it protects us
Then we missed so much opportunity
The endless possibility
To be truly happy
No blame or quilt or shame
We've run our lives in a losing game
Maybe others wanted us that way
Oh we search outside ourselves
Putting our true nature on a shelf
We follow others to see their coolness and want a piece of it
They offer fun..a connection acceptance...but it's in a form that should be met with strong resistance
It's wow a new substance
Have we found the key to our
Making us feel so very untouchable confident and alive

But what it is really doing is not really helping us to survive

So one day we say
Forget that shit
You know
You've had it all along
Since the day you were born
You are already

Go out and show it

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