Thank God I Changed

Found inspirational read that I wrote 2 years ago now just when I started this site. It is about overcoming your demons, fears in recovery and life, love you all have a blessed day!

Recovery Unsensored


BY: Marc McMahon

Monday morning and I am off for my weekly one on one visit with my therapist to recap the past week’s events. So she can make sure I have not had any hair brain ideas over the past week, that I deemed to be so profound, I acted on them without seeking any rational person opinion first.

I walked into the office happy and way more caffeinated than any human should be allowed to be. When the receptionist regretfully informed me my therapist was out sick for the day and I would have to reschedule.

After the initial burst of frustration passed, because this of course was not how I had planned my morning to go, being O.C.D. things need to go as planned damn it! I smiled and told the receptionist no big deal I’ll send her an email and make another appointment.

Walking out the office door…

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