Beauty of The Mind

By: Dawn Reif

  • Night falls, the darkness and stars twinkling overhead…and the city sleeps..but here I am alone in my bed and wide awake thoughts whirling around full of dread….I long to shut off these noises…like a radio stuck between stations and coming in little waves…
  • I am begging for peace, for the voices to cease, at times the loudness only magnifies…anxiety on the increase…
  • Out of my heart I pray…I pray for rest from this madness so I can once again face a brand new day…..My life is yours oh Lord molded from clay….
  • I close my eyes knowing somehow it will be okay…
  • Somehow sleep captured me and my dreams took me on trips far far away…like I am flying to a different time and space
  • Warm flashes of sunlight softly touches my face…..again my mind starts to race
  • like adding colors to a spinning record while the melody plays..
  • Blues for sadness
  • yellow for happiness
  • purple for passion
  • orange for joy
  • red for love
  • gold for hope
  • blackness for fear
  • spinning and spinning….twirling and making a beautiful design…
  • all these thoughts and beat by beat my heart matches its mysterious melody…frightening me causing the tears to blur the colors into one…
  • breathing in rapid spirts and just like that I am ready to burst…..self control allows me to keep it hidden deep within my mind
  • I know I can beat this…I can focus
  • put on the music…big distraction ….and I’m dancing…emotions swaying
  • spinning to the rhythm in my head…and I dance free from its trance…
  • I make it out the door and confidently I prance…


8 thoughts on “Beauty of The Mind

      • I let her Write as a guest when she thinks she has something thats a good fit so she sends it to me and if I like it Ill publish and share it for her. I do that with another Gal on here Jenn too. I like to help those who aspire to get published who write straight from the heart/GUT that fit well here. Not all do and I don’t advertise cause its not my thing but a few folks to help like that help me not have to stress on having a new article when maybe I don’t have one ready yet. Takes the stress off If you could call it that. Like to make sure folks get a consistent diet of whatever it is they are reading it seems fair to me, to do my part to all who take the time to read my stuff. I have much respect for all who come visit here. But thats the long answer 🙂

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      • The fact that you have guest writers, makes your blog that much more enticing. I am sure the process of choosing what pieces to publish takes time but must be an intense process. Your subject matter is explicit in a great way,


      • Ya know the I think 6 that I have had this past year, all I met beforehand online and got to know a little. Then all but I who was soemone I look up to immensley I noticed wrote themselves a bit in posts and such and I simply offered to publish for them if they sent me some real talk that fit well with my crazy honesty and if so I would put it out there for em. So there is no problem I have turned down only 1 and all but 2 write on a semi reg basis. Its really a God thing, just like all this is for me so its no struggle he has it all planned before hand 🙂


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