My Inconvenient Truth

This is as honest, heartfelt of an article that I may have ever written, bring a tissue!

Recovery Unsensored

BY: Marc McMahon

Have you ever heard of the term “free writing?” Where you just sit down and start typing the first random words that come to your mind. Usually for me it starts out with a couple of incoherant sentances followed by a jumble of mixed up thoughts, eventually resembling something that in a few days will morph from a jumbled bunch of random thoughts to what some refer to as literary prose. Or at least that is the goal of the whole endeavor.

Appears this time though that I obviously had some kind of topic in mind deep down in my spirit I just didn’t know it because this is sure beginning to look like a real article ( I hope)  :). Or wait, maybe this is where the rambling mess begins. I just read a friends post one of the social media sites and they described being…

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One thought on “My Inconvenient Truth

  1. Hi – thoughtful post. Very challenging for people in recovery to deal with the use of marijuana. To add – in addition to the possibility of less people in pain being treated with opiates, some say that using marijuana really helps to calm them in the induction phase of MAT when they have not quite had adjustments yet to achieve the correct dose

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