The Spiritual Connection

By: Marc McMahon

There are various programs of recovery available to those of us who suffer from a Substance Abuse Disorder. Many are open to, and incorporate some of their cohorts ideologies and methods into their own. In hopes that they may find the perfect cocktail to aid the addict in recovery in reaching their goal of a happy productive life.

Many of these programs allow a person to evolve on their own personal level and at a pace that seems comfortable to them. Encouraging personal growth and the use of any means they deem healthy in achieving that growth.

A couple of these programs are much more rigid in their belief systems conveying an unspoken message to many (not all mind you, just those with the courage enough to express it) that their way is the only way and the slightest deviation from their way is instantly a sign of self-will. That will almost certainly end up in a relapse!

With all that being said then, I have noticed one common ground on which all these methods seem to stand. Not only stand but share. It seems to be their founding principal,

 A Spiritual Connection.

Whether it be a belief in the God of your understanding or a Buddhist chant, a colorful crystal, yoga mat, or simply the belief that there is no belief worth believing in. All seem to have this basic foundational principle or concept.

Will the simple belief in a power that dwells somewhere in the universe outside of our bodies eliminate all of our struggles? Will this outside source stop any of the tragedies that life so unexpectedly throws our way?

Most definitely not, but will a belief in a power infinitely greater and knowledgeable than us help us to learn and grow and overcome these obstacles with more grace? I believe so.

I was recently asked about this very idea. The question was along the lines of. “Don’t you believe Marc, that even though you have this spiritual connection you will still have to face the difficult challenges that life is going to bring your way?” I replied along the lines of,

                                                   Yes, challenges for sure.

But with the aid of my spiritual connection, they will be very small compared to my past life. Until 6 months ago I had been homeless for 12 years straight, on the streets or in shelters horribly addicted to drugs and I survived and have been blessed. There is absolutely

           nothing life can throw at me now, that will ever be more challenging than that. 

Not even the loss of a parent when that time comes, and it will. Touch the horror and misery of hating yourself so much you thought it would be best for all concerned to kill yourself on more than one occasion.

So bring it on life because this warrior has been trained in the hottest darkest corner of hell. I already have seen the horrors of hell that Satan has to offer, the scariest tricks in his tool belt.

                                                        I will not be shaken!

I can’t be, I survived what was intended to kill me by Gods grace and its a done deal. I am gonna tear me up some evil ass anytime it knocks on my door, God has his literal hand on my life right now and as long as I respect that fact, stay humble, and true to this cause he has put on my heart, the sky is the limit.

Frustration and character building challenges are definitely to come, but that’s only so he can continue to mold me into all he has created me to be. Strong and courageous enough to accomplish all he sets before me. 

That is how me having a spiritual connection benefits me and my recovery. Regardless of who or what, you believe in if any at all. It is my personal opinion based on years of trying to get and stay clean and sober that a spiritual connection in some way, shape, or form, very necessary in obtaining long lasting happy recovery from chemicals.

Be blessed!!

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