By: Marc McMahon

It's all about the relationship. God never turns his head away from you to ignore you simply because you have sinned. He's not a cruel or vindictive God waiting for us to sin so he can punish us.

Quite the contrary. He is a loving, caring, helpful God who only wants the best for us. He extends his open hand down to us in case we need help but much of the time we are so caught up in what's going wrong.

So we figure that Gods mad at us for screwing up again and isn't willing to help us so we never even raise our eyes up to the heavens far enough to see his hand of help reaching down to us we get blinded so to speak.

His hand of help is always reaching down to us all we have to do is raise a hand shoulder high and grab his hand and let his non judgemental love start to heal us.

It's all about relationship with him. Remember this my friends; "God would rather have us yelling our frustrations at him than us not talking to him at all."

You know why that is right?........It's because he loves you!


2 responses to “Hand Of Help”

  1. cjblovinlife Avatar

    I believe that one of the greatest gifts of parenthood is a deeper understanding of the relationship you describe.

    1. Marc McMahon Avatar

      Yes I think your right I know for me getting older and bit more mature has helped me especially these past 5 yrs ty for reading.

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