This won't make sense to you until after I'm gone but; I am a spiritual being having a human experience as I live this life. I am a high vibrational light being Divinely created and inspired. I carry within me the wisdom of the ages because my soul has lived many times and in it lies that wisdom. I have one God, one all-knowing Creator, the maker of the heavens and the earth. My God and my King some call him Yahweh, some Jehova, but I like to call him EL Shaddai it's Hebrew for the "Almighty."

I have been sent here along with many others who have come before me to help keep the balance, to make sure the darkness is only allowed to get so dark, just not dark enough to cast out all hope like it desires. To be able to stand up and let the Love of our Creator flow despite the surrounding circumstances. Ambassadors from the heavens filled with God's love and wisdom Sent here to share it with all his people. Vessels hand chosen by the Creator to be used as channels for God's love. Chosen so that God can love his people through us, but within the human experience;

I am in human form yet divine by nature. Influenced by two warring factions. My human flesh and all of its innate carnal desires of the world. And my divine inspiration and wisdom that comes from on high to help me in this life and to help guide others in the direction of their soul's purpose too. To take the experiences I have gained from traveling down these roads during a previous lifetime and sharing that wisdom with the masses in hopes that they might avoid some of the many mistakes my young and naive' soul has made during its time on earth as a human.

Remember death is not the end. It's merely the beginning. A gateway connecting you to the rest of your souls journey.

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