This story is very popular right now on a few of my sites so I thought I might re-share it with you all. Stay blessed.

Recovery Unsensored

BY: Marc McMahon

To those who don’t, won’t, or can’t seem to understand we are called many things. We are called addict, junkie, dope fiend, pill head. We are even called liars and losers to name a few. But to those who know our nightmare, to those who have seen the demon’s we fight we are referred to as Soldiers, Warriors, and some of the bravest most resilient souls ever created!

            The latter group, they understand, that this ” Is Just Not My War.”

This war is similar to the other World Wars we have fought, but not the same. In those first two World Wars, the enemy was fairly easily distinguished from our troops. The battle lines were drawn and the objective clear. Troops had Commanders, Captains, and Corporals. There was even a standard issue weapon’s given to the soldiers determined to be best suited…

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