Recovery Unsensored

By: Marc McMahon

We are mistaken by most, understood by few, and were found by the lost. We are without dicipline and the satisfaction of self-was our only cause. We cared for nothing other than to quench the fiery thirst that burned deep inside our souls. To live or to die was of no concern we feared not death, we embraced it. We are survivors who have seen the best that evil has in its bag of tricks and we prevailed! We have cheated death, been spared for a purpose, and have joined together as a band of Brothers and Sisters linked by tragedy, heartache, and chaos. Our universal language, pain. We know it like few others do.

We have been trained by the best that money can buy, our teacher….. life. Our degrees……Masters!  Our graduating institutions are not of the educational variety mind you.  Degrees hail from Grand institutions…

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