*Guest author Dawn Reif shares another poem, enjoy my friends and many blessings.


By: Dawn Reif

A Pile of bodies

crying out in the night

so hard to see them

the darkness and fright

screaming and reaching out

the pale flesh

illuminating in the moonlight

I cry and cry

knowing she is among them

one of my very own

she has gown

fallen down this chosen road

her beautiful soul lost and sold

I still believe

I still believe, a reason for suffering

they are blessed because she is among them

God knows she still belongs to me

to Him

He is stronger tougher than her rebellion

He wil give her the light

the power

the love

the rest

the discipline

this has just been a test


You made it!

maybe even love at last

Love yourself

as I have loved you

let someone love you

let your light shine through

rise above

rise above

peace happiness at last




it'll be a blast

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