Today God Showed Up

*Recovery Unsensored Guest Author Jenn Stottlemire shares a brilliant story of the miracles that happen “When God Shows Up”
BY: Jennifer Stottlemire
“A 12 passenger van full of women in recovery; loaded up and headed out for the day.
Women I am responsible for; responsible to get from point A to B safely.
Today, despite the looks of this car, I was able to get them to the destination in one piece.
*Today God showed up*
At 65 mph, a car slammed into another, sending it spinning into my lane.
To the left of me, cars and trucks dodging the spinning car and flying debris.
To the right, a concrete wall [damn Ohio construction].
I had but one choice: stop a big ‘ol van–and quick!
I remained calm (a miracle in itself) and hit the brakes as the mangled car stopped right in front of me; it was a sitting duck.
To my amazement, our vehicle stopped inches from the car; so close I could see the stitching of the air bag from my seat.
*Today God showed up*
This large vehicle does not stop like it did, with the distance it had. Impossible.
Once stopped, I waited for the impact from behind; morning rush hour traffic with fast moving vehicles riding too close on a cluttered highway.
Again, no impact.
Again, impossible.
Except it isn’t….*when God shows up*
I’ve seen it happen over and over again;the impossible become possible.
Today was no different.
Moments later as we gathered outside the van, I looked around at the freeway that, just moments before, was busy with people on there way somewhere; everyone always going somewhere.
Now, traffic stopped; ambulances, fire trucks and highway patrol the only movements on the blocked road.
No one headed anywhere for a moment.
I often don’t know what to do when I’m forced to stop; sit; remain still.
That’s hard for me, but God hasn’t been shy about giving me moments like this.
*God shows up to show me things*
I stood back and looked around.
The man from the mangled car leaned against the wall in shock; supporting his broken arm.
He was pulled out of the car by a fearless, quick thinking lady; one of my passengers; a client in treatment; an alcoholic with 2 weeks sober.
Struggling through nursing school due to binge drinking and hangovers; she showed bravery and passion today.
I don’t doubt she will be a great nurse.IMG_6269
Other people that had witnessed the accident stood nearby waiting to give reports and go on their way.
They talked to us about the miracle they too witnessed on that crowded freeway that morning.
I bet they didn’t know how many miracles were standing right there; leaning against the same cement wall I thought would take us out as they smoked their cigarettes.
No idea that these women are miracles too; they have survived so much.
Overdose, jail, rape, abuse, trafficking, stigma, eating disorders, loss of children, embarrassment, suicide, cutting, humiliation, homelessness, hunger, liver failure…the list goes on.
Have these strangers survived the same? Do they know someone?
Shit, Everyone knows someone.
No one asks; no one tells.
Today’s topics are bad drivers, late arrivals to work and mangled cars.
Just people passing each other by without knowing each other’s story; we can’t expect to know every story, but we can believe that everyone has their own.
As I reflect, I realize that so many people, places and things make up my story here on earth.
That God shows me where to be and when.
That morning we took a different route; a route that had never been taken before since starting this job.
We were there; that morning, at that moment.
What was the message: to keep believing? To keep going? To look around at miracles? To remember everyone plays a part? Everyone has a magnificent, magical story?
Maybe; probably; possibly; definitely.
My recovery would be nothing without my faith.
To me, faith is simply believing something is going to happen without having proof.
I had faith that I could stop shooting dope and that was enough to start me on a path to a beautiful, imperfect life.
I had faith that leaving the teaching field and entering the recovery field was what I needed to do.
Both of those things put me right where I was that day; on a crowded freeway with a mangled car and a van that stopped on a dime.
I needed to experience that; the ladies needed to be part of the miracle too; sometimes miracles are hard to see in early recovery.
*God showed up today*
But why am I surprised….He always does.”

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