Who am I

I am re-releasing articles as they come up to their 1 year anniversary as the number of people following my blog has increased significantly and many may never have had a chance to see them. This was the fourth article ever written by my published one year ago, be blessed my friends and enjoy!

Recovery Unsensored


BY: Marc McMahon

*This article was originally published for me by addictionunscripted.com/who-am-i-2/


I find myself a completely different person, just 54 days removed from addiction. It’s a transformation that only seems possible from someone coming out of addiction. Things are changing rapidly, maybe this is the “pink cloud effect”, but it feels permanent. It is happening in my subconscious, meaning that it’s happening without me having to think about it.

I haven’t even had to set a course of specific actions to follow in order to bring all this about, other than the formula I’ve been given to stay sober. I mean, I expected change, but is this all from the cessation of drugs/alcohol?  I just know that it is there and that it’s creating a different me on a level that I never knew existed and that I can’t fully describe with words.

I have been finding myself this past…

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6 thoughts on “Who am I

    • Thank you, my friend, I thought it would be something cool to do. Then I have always kind of thought that we all write some pretty cool stuff and often wisdom on a level that seems beyond us at times gets spoken, almost kind of spiritual if that makes any sense at all, lol. Then on top of that, the msg. of love, hope, and acceptance is one that many should get the opportunity to read. So just the one initial publish has always seemed to sell some people short so to speak, I mean what if the one who it was intended for, the one it could really help wasn’t destined to read it until the second time around, if we give them one but, I never wanted to do it in case nobody else did for some reason I hadn’t yet realized. This though gives me the perfect opportunity and it’s a cool celebration for me at the same time. Thanks so much for your friendship and all your support Mark you are an outstanding man and great friend.

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