God Help Us

I created this to raise awareness to the plight of this community who deserves equality in my humble opinion!

Recovery Unsensored


God Help Us
By:Marc Mcmahon

As I began to do research for the first time into the facts surrounding drug and alcohol abuse in the LGBTQ community one thing becomes quickly apparent to me. The stigma that surrounds this group of people alone, simply how they are looked at and labeled by society for their sexual orientation is enormous. Quite possibly a stigma several times the size that those of us face in the heterosexual world as it pertains to those addicted to drugs.
Now mind you I am only referring to the stigma that society has placed on these individuals for their sexual orientation. I have yet to even open the can of worms that surrounds the oh so very present stigma added to that and placed upon those in that community who have a substance abuse disorder as well. Fifteen minutes into my research and this alarming fact…

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