The Struggle Real and Within

A friend just text me and shared an article with me I had written a while back and I thought I might share it here again as it was lightly read the first time and is doing well now. Have a blessed night you all, love you!

Recovery Unsensored

struggle within

By: Marc McMahon

What is my problem? My major malfunction? What is it that causes me to behave the way that I do, at the worse possible times in my life. Why do I always, at some point during the course of yet another attempt to gain a years worth of continuous clean time, relapse? It simply boggles my mind when I try and come up with an answer that I can deem to be suitable. It boggles my mind then frustrates me completely when I try and listen to another person’s theory on why I behave in this manner, therefore never even allowing their idea to get anywhere close to the suitable category. No those replies generally teeter on the excuse me did I ask for your opinion on this. To, how the hell would you know you got clean on your first attempt.

It’s not because I lack intellect, or…

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