I have created this site to share with you some of the articles I have written about my personal battle with drug addiction. To share with you, my victories, as well as my struggles with this disease. In hopes that I can share a message of healing, hope, and love.

To send a message to the addict who still suffers. A message, that no matter how bad things get. No matter, how dark the cloud gets overhead, that there still is a ray of light shining through.

I am here to offer a fresh perspective as to how I view my battle with addiction and discuss the importance of us all uniting together much like soldiers on a battlefield. So we can become an unstoppable force that causes this disease to cringe, every time he hears our boots marching towards him to do battle!

So won’t you join with me in my battle against this relentless disease? So that together we can become victorious on a united front. Bringing back home with us, the prisoners he is holding from this war, the addict who still suffers.


Contact: marc42145@gmail.com



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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks Marc for this encouraging words. I am just starting my day and thought of looking at your blog. This is great and your are contributing to our welfare, especially we in recovery and also the addicts that are still suffering. Keep up the great job of motivating others to stay afloat and not to sink in Addiction. God bless your day & keep up the spirit. Madam Terry Wachira, Nairobi, Kenya

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