By: Marc McMahon

Courage; It means that over the years you have learned to take the fears that once debilitated you and mastered them to the point they no longer do. It means; although you're scared, sweaty, and nervous, you still step into that fear and face it even though both your hands are shaking uncontrollably. Keep doing that, and one day the fear will be no more! You are a warrior and Will be Victorious! I Love you all. 🙂

4 responses to “Courage”

  1. Paul Ariss Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to inspire us Mark, it's clear you have had to be courageous many times over the years - and still do - so your words do carry weight.

    I hope things are improving for you.

    1. Marc McMahon Avatar

      Thank you, Paul for taking the time to read my post. Yes things are continually getting better , been fighting cancer since February now and only one more round) of chemotherapy the 10th then finished with that poison and can start getting healthy again. Things are looking up for sure. Have an awesome day,Paul.

  2. Paul Ariss Avatar

    And apologies Marc, for spelling your name wrong! I was too enthusiastic with my comment!

    1. Marc McMahon Avatar

      No worries Sir i appreciate you.

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