Into the Eye of the Mind that Lapsed

This is a great recovery read that never was seen much. Give it a shot my friends, happy weekend coming! 🙂

Recovery Unsensored

By: Marc McMahon

It happened again, I thought to myself. How could I have let this happen, how could I have possibly fallen prey to my disease when I have never felt more whole in my entire life. Did this really just happen? Is this really happening? Oh dear God why?

At what seemed to be the pinnacle of my sobriety journey I relapsed. At a time when I had never felt more purpose driven or loved in my entire life I fell flat on my face. Why did it happen? Looking back on it in hindsight there were multiple reasons, almost a perfect storm of them. Like only being able to sleep 2 or 3 hours a night for those previous few months. Then I went from my have nothing to do but not use schedule when first sober. To a jammed packed schedule full of school, work and…

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