The Other side of Darkness

Due to an unfortunate series of events I unfortunately lived next door to and in the spirit of supporting some Suicide Prevention that is taking place at the moment I am prompted to re-release this article. Please remember “Suicide is not the answer” I love you!

Recovery Unsensored

Other side of darknessBy: Marc McMahon

*Suicide Is Not The Answer!

There’s a place that is so distant and dark that few have ever seen it and lived to tell about it. So lonely and cruel that those who have returned were too ashamed to speak of it. A place I once thought to be my great escape, my final refuge, a peaceful bliss. Imagine if you will somewhere that leaves you feeling an emptiness you never knew existed. A near heart-stopping void that chills you to the deepest part of your being to your core, the heart of your soul.

A second heart you never knew you had until that moment, the most horrifying place you have ever set foot in. Ice cold air that when inhaled makes you feel like someone ripped your lungs right out of your chest and set them ablaze. A searing knife, melting flesh as it stings its…

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2 thoughts on “The Other side of Darkness

  1. Hi Marc! I am so sorry, and I understand. The one time I tried to commit suicde, I was very drunk. There were other times I thought about ending my life, especially when I was sick and no one knew what was happening. It was an over active thyroid. It was a horrible dark time and dark feelings.
    I am so glad you survived, and are now writing and showing other people how to recover.


    • OMG me too so glad and to have God to allow me to survive and then find me still worthy to let be part of the solution in a rather unique and kind of of really awesome way to. I so appreciate you and all your support I beleive you are heaven sent to me as well for this so happy 🙂

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