*The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article belong to me as an addict in recovery and in no way are supposed to be supported by any facts other than my personal observations. This is also directed toward a certain type of doctor, there are obviously plenty of physicians that treat patients the way they should, with the patients best interest at heart. However there are indeed many bad actors in the medical industry, it is amongst these “legal” drug dealers that have contributed to the current opiate epidemic.


Many doctors at pain clinics prescribe opiate pain medication to anyone claiming to be in pain whether they actually are in pain or not. Many receive kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for each prescription they write, knowing full well this goes against their fiduciary oath, not to mention the fact that it’s illegal. They know full well that if and when the time comes that they have to take their clients off these pain medications, that the patient will more than likely have developed an opioid dependence from taking the meds for such an extended period of time.

Doctors know this, they know this in advance, they are after all doctors, physicians that have gone through more schooling than almost any other profession. I doubt many of these doctors dream of becoming legal drug dealers beforehand, but at some point, they cross a line, of course, there is corruption at all levels of the industry when money becomes a factor. But these are doctors! The people we trust with our own lives! The people we trust with the lives of our loved ones!

These types of doctors, usually found at pain clinics, offer little if any direction to the patient as to where they may find themselves months down the road, suffering from the withdrawals that cripple even the strongest of willpowers. And when that time does occur, they usually don’t inform their patients of any effective treatment options, unless of course there is money in it for them.

No, why would the Doctors want to do all that? And jeopardize the money that the large pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets with?

I imagine they have a pretty good idea that when their client walks out the door of their clinic, that in a few short hours they will find themselves at home in the midst of what is the beginning of opioid dependence, if not addiction.

As the patient walks out the door, they must know that there is a high possibly he or she will embark on a path of drug seeking behavior, even if they had never displayed that tendency before. Opioids have a tendency to do that kind of thing.

Finally, when the patient walks out, I wonder if they think about the fact that once they cut them off of the pain meds (because the doctor isn’t going to keep them on forever, that would risk getting flagged) that street heroin is the logical next step. It’s easier to get, it’s cheaper than finding pills on the street, it keeps you from going through the withdrawal, and you don’t need a prescription.

I wonder how many of them know, that they just manufactured America’s next heroin addict?

I wonder if they would treat their own friends, mothers, or children in the same way? 

I wonder if I'm using the term “wonder” sarcastically?