My first published piece with

A very cool abstract story of my addiction within!

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  1. Mark David Goodson Avatar

    Marc you're everywhere!!

    1. Recovery Writings and Blogs Avatar

      I know my brother it is really getting crazy I don't even understand what is up other than God's hand on all of this I dont know how else to explain it all. Then my damn original blog, a collection off of my google+ page just went over 16,500 views for month and we still got few days left. Thats why I share your guys stuff on it too so we can all be blessed by that one and then I just keep this one to collect my own so there all in one place. I totally appreciate your support bro and the last article you did on the relapse counting from 1 to 5 with your little boy then you was fucking awesome Mark I so loved it. I put it on the google blog too. Thanks again my brother be blessed.

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